The Long Journey

In 2013, the Scotto family decided to produce a wine honoring their 50th harvest in California. Although they envisioned the wine as a singular addition to their portfolio, it was also intended to memorialize the family's winemaking heritage originating on the Island of Ischia just off the Italian coast in 1883. That is when Salvatore Dominic Scotto began the family's five-generation journey producing quality wines to grace the table of eager followers.

Winemaker Paul Scotto was charged with the task of creating this tribute and crafted the first wine from the 2011 vintage and Napa Valley's Oak Knoll District, which was met with great acclaim. Later in 2014, noted winemaker Mitch Cosentino joined Paul and the Scotto team and broached the idea of taking 50 Harvests to the next level by creating a true Meritage blend reflecting the model of Old World Bordeaux. The blend was meant to carry forward the strengths of Napa Valley by emphasizing Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot occupying supporting roles depending on Mother Nature and the character of the vintage.

Salvatore followed the customs of Italy in passing on his winemaking skills to his son Dominic who then migrated to Brooklyn in 1903 where he carried on the traditions by sharing his winemaking expertise with sons Anthony (Sr.) and Sal. Together, they established the family's business by selling five-gallon crocks from a push cart throughout their Brooklyn neighborhood. Just after Prohibition, Dominic opened D. Scotto Wines, a retail wine shop that sold imported wines from around the world and the brothers launched Villa Armando (nicknamed Vino Rustico) in 1946

Grandpa Anthony ventured west in 1963 to purchase a vineyard and winemaking property in Livermore, CA and realized his first harvest that year as he continued the family's Villa Armando red wine blend tradition utilizing Napa Gamay, Ruby Cabernet and Carignan. The first California vintage of Villa Armando was made at Charles Krug in Napa Valley and continues today within the Scotto Cellars portfolio. To date, Rustico has filled more than 200,000,000 glasses in the original tradition envisioned by Salvatore Dominic Scotto so many years ago.

After a decade of managing Villa Armando from afar, in 1973 Grandpa Anthony along with sons Anthony (II) and Dominic moved to California with their families. With the success of Villa Armando, the consensus was that California was the place to call home as the family continued building the foundation of 50 Harvests.