A Legacy in Every Vintage

   The J. McClelland winemaking team of Paul Scotto and Mitch Cosentino represent more than a commitment to winemaking excellence that totals more than 70 years.  Their releases also reflect the legacy of industry pioneer John McClelland, the founder of J. McClelland Cellars and the JMC Luxury Portfolio.  John shared his palate memories and blending experiences, which gave him the ability to “see around the corner” and understand how a wine would evolve after years in the barrel and bottle.  This is reflected with every release from J. McClelland Cellars and can be appreciated with every glass.

   In addition to the knowledge shared by JMC’s founder, Paul Scotto also credits his father and grandfather for passing down his family’s winemaking standards that originated with his great grandfather in Ischia, Italy. Paul compares winemaking to cooking: “A little of the right spice can elevate a dish, but too much or too little have the opposite effect.”  His association with Mitch Cosentino over the last 20 years has sharpened his blending skills, which he considers the most creative and enjoyable part of winemaking.

   For Mitch, every wine is a blend, whether it means using multiple varietals or the same varietals from the same vineyard with variations in fermentation and oak regimens.  “Each component has to express its own character in the finished wine, the way that each musician and instrument contributes to the sound of an orchestra.”  Mitch’s blending skills have been honed by five decades of winemaking, especially his pioneering role in crafting Napa Valley Meritage wines.  Both Mitch and Paul consider themselves ‘Blendologists’ who strive to let each component express its own character.

  Stylistically, their trademarks include exceptional attention to balance, harmony, structure, and the ability to age, and to only make wines they would enjoy drinking.  From everyone that’s part of the J. McClelland Cellars and the JMC Luxury Portfolio family, we hope you enjoy our wines.