Our Winemaking Trifecta:
John McClelland, Paul Scotto and Mitch Cosentino

Our winemaking team of John McClelland, Paul Scotto and Mitch Cosentino represent their own trifecta of talent, experience and commitment that spans more than a combined 100 years of dedication to every aspect of making fine wine. They are steadfast in their efforts to produce small lots of extraordinary wines with no compromise in either the vineyard or winery.

Paul finds similarities between winemaking and cooking: "A little of the right spice can make the dish outstanding, but too much of that one or a little of the wrong one will have the opposite effect." He credits much of his winemaking skill to lessons learned from his father and grandfather over the last two decades, and most recently by his association with Mitch, especially in the art of blending. He now refers to himself as a "blendologist" and considers this the most creative and enjoyable part of winemaking.

For Mitch, every wine is a blend whether it means using different varietals or the same varietal from the same vineyard with differences in fermentation and oak regimens. "Each component must express its own character in the finished wine, just as each musician and instrument contributes to the total sound of the orchestra."

Selection, restraint and judicious blending form the foundation for our winemaking philosophy. This is where John contributes his six decades of California wine industry experience. Before bottling he samples the various lots crafted by Paul and Mitch as they work together to find the proper component balance for every wine that carries the J. McClelland Cellars label.

With respect to Old World methods while not ignoring current technology, our Winemaking Trifecta of John, Paul and Mitch set one overriding goal: "To only make wines they would enjoy drinking and that express flavor, balance, structure and the ability to age. At the dinner table each sip should lead to another bite and each bite should lead to another sip."

For all of us at J. McClelland Cellars and The JMC Luxury Portfolio, true harmony epitomizes a fine wine as it transitions from the vineyard to the bottle and on to your table.